Vegan Recipes and Vegetarian Recipes

by Carol

Good Morning Fran,

Long time no talk. I just read your Vegan/Vegetarian Newsletter
with interest and surprise.

Knowing how you like to eat (as I do) you probably eat most
anything (as I do). In that regard you also probably wouldn't have
any difficulty going vegan or vegetarian......not that you had
that in mind. Just a thought.

I am mentioning it because it is so very healthy. Once you stop
eating the animal products, you really don't crave them. And there
is such an absolute abundance of great food without them.

I just finished a course with Cornell and have become certified in
plant based nutrition. Ask me anything. Ha Ha!

I love to entertain and that has been a challenge to me.....serving
others who are NOT vegan. But Bill is also trying to eat healthier
so I have been doing it more and more.

Sunday night for Father's Day this is what we had.

Served a Cold Gazpacho around the pool as everyone was swimming
White Cannelli bean soup
A large salad with lots of raw veggies
Fresh sweet corn
Fresh steamed broccoli
Cole slaw
Black eyed Pea salad
YUM! Everyone was quite sated.

We had friends to dinner last night and this is what I served them:
(I'm getting braver in serving vegan to meat eaters - ha ha)!

Split pea soup (I have been making lots of soups since the cold
weather, although these last two were hot).
Zucchini crust pizza with at least 6 or 7 different fresh cut up veggies on top
Fresh Sweet corn (again)
And another large salad


Amish Friendship Bread (vegan style)
And a large tray of fresh fruits:
Figs, strawberries, Ranier Cherries and Bing Cherries

Again, everyone had seconds and went away quite sated.

My book is on the downhill slope. I am getting the final laser copies today to proof and it
should be going to press next week. After that, I think it will only be a couple of weeks. At
least I hope so.

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