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July 01, 2024

Which Flour Should I Use?

July 1, 2024

Hello Friends,

I usually stress to new cooks to use the exact ingredients which the recipe ask for. Throughout my years of cooking, I have found a few exceptions to this rule. The “greatest” is in using all-purpose flour, self-rising, cake flour and bread flour.

When I was a young housewife, I could not afford to purchase all the different types of flour. I always bought large bags of all- purpose flour. I have always used all-purpose instead of the bread flour when I bake bread. I have been pleased with my results so I will continue to use all-purpose flour when the recipe calls for bread flour.

Pictured Below: Parmesan Jalapeno Olive Bread

I have had many recipes which ask for self-rising and cake flours, especially for cake recipes. I learned at an early age how to make my own for both of these to get by. My recipes turned out great! Years later I purchased commercially made self-rising and cake flour when I could afford them. Amazingly, I did not like the results as well as from my homemade self-rising flour.

I found that the self-rising flour varies from brand to brand some having more leavening than others. It also seems that some of the cake flour also has a small amount of leavening which mine does not. My thought is that I have more control over my recipes by using what I make. This is why I like my end results much better. Below is how I make self-rising flour and cake flour. It is so simple, make the amount you need, and it is so much cheaper than purchasing the commercial packages.

CAKE FLOUR: Sift flour, measure out what you need. For each 1 cup of flour measure and remove 2 tablespoons of the flour. Sift at least three more times. For some cakes I will sift even more; up to 7-8 times. I like my white cake recipes to be light and tasty so I sift more for these and angel food cake recipes.

Pictured Below: Maraschino Cherry Angel Food Cake Recipe

SELF RISING FLOUR: For each cup of flour add ½ Teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon baking powder.

Your friend, Frances

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