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June 02, 2024

Kitchen Wraps

June 1, 2024

Hello Friends,

Many years ago, when I was young you could find wax paper in almost all kitchens. We always used wax paper to line our layer cake pans. We used it to wrap foods in and for everything which we now use aluminum foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper. This was partly due to the cheap cost of wax paper. Back then I knew of no one who had plastic wrap. I really do not know that it was even available to purchase. I believe that the Saran Wrap was the first of the plastic wraps and I believe it came about later on. The first aluminum foil that I remember was Reynolds Wrap. I remember Mom buying a small roll of this occasionally. Foil was much more expensive than wax paper, so we used it only occasionally. I really do not remember what occasions we used it, but I know it was rare. The first wax paper I remember was Cut Rite and I believe it was also by the Reynolds Company. Years ago, we did not have a selection of products from which to choose so we had to take what we got.

Parchment paper which is now such a common item in my kitchen was not so until much later in my life. When one talked about “parchment paper”, it was good quality writing paper. We even had a paper company in our town know as “The Parchment” but still no parchment paper in the kitchens. All homes had a box of “parchment” or stationery on which letters were written. I remember most of Mom’s letters were written to my brothers who were in the military and serving in many parts of the world. Fountain ink pens were used to do the writing. These were held in a bottle of ink and a little lever was lifted to suck the ink up into the pen. This ink and parchment paper made for a “beautiful letter”. This probably is hard to understand today in our new world of computer technology. Which is best parchment paper or wax paper? Today, I love parchment paper in the kitchen. I cannot be without it. I still use wax paper for some things. For instance, it is good to cut in small pieces to wrap pieces of candy.

The flexibility is great for this which parchment does not have. I also use wax paper to divide hamburgers, chicken breast, pork chops, etc. before wrapping to place in the freezer. The wax paper makes it easy for me to pry apart the number I need to cook.

I use parchment paper every day in the kitchen. It is absolutely the best for lining layer cake pans It peels away or I should say falls away from the cakes. Often the wax paper would need to be peel off in pieces; much more difficult. I also use plastic wrap every day. As you probably already know, nothing seals like plastic wrap. I always wrap meats and everything I place in the freezer first with plastic wrap. If I intend to freeze it for an extended period, I will cover the plastic with foil labeling the outside. There is a need for parchment paper, wax paper, foil and plastic wrap in the kitchen if you do very much cooking. If you are just starting to cook, work them into your supplies like you would do all needed items.

Your friend, Frances

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