How to Make Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches

Do you know how to make bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches? This sandwich started out just that on two slices of bread; maybe a little mayonnaise on the bread. When I was young and still at home with Mom and Dad, I often made this sandwich. Back then we usually had fresh bacon from butchering and it made a great BLT Sandwich. Even when I made it with smoked bacon it was always meat from our hog butchering and a very good quality.

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How to Make a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato SandwichHow to Make a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich
Preparing a Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

Since I learned how to make bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches, I am never satisfied with one from a restaurant. The problem with ordering one from a restaurant is that most of the time they really scrimp on the bacon. Since the bacon is the basis of the sandwich, it defeats the purpose to be served a sandwich with only two slices of bacon piled with vegetables. The quality of the bacon is also very important. I really do not like thinly cut bacon for any reason. I only purchase thick cut slices. When I have pork butchered, I have the bacon cut in thick slices. After cooking the thick cut bacon actually taste like meat instead of fat crumbs.

Cooks have learned how to make bacon lettuce and tomatoes sandwiches in many variations. It could be a grilled cheese BLT, a chicken BLT or a hamburger BLT. These sandwiches can be made with slices of different breads or any type of rolls. As long as the sandwich has bacon lettuce and tomato, it is a BLT sandwich. Some people may use only mayonnaise as a condiment on the sandwich or mustard or ketchup; or a combination. The main thing to remember when learning how to make a sandwich like this is to use a good quality bacon and plenty of it especially if bacon is the only meat on the sandwich.

I like to use sliced sour dough bread for the BLT sandwich but any of your favorites will do. Toast two slices until light brown. Spread both slices liberally with mayonnaise (I like Helmans). On one slice layer crisp bacon slices. The minimum number of slices that I use is six. If you are using larger slices of bread, just cover the bread with a layer of bacon and then make at least one more layer of top of the first.

The next thing I place on my sandwich is a large slice of onion. Of course, this is optional but if you like onion, try it. Next I make a layer of sliced tomatoes; two to three slices. Finally I place fresh crisp leaves from head lettuce on top. Then cover with the other slice of toasted bread. This is a great sandwich! Serve with chips or fresh fruit.


To make a good bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, it is important how the bacon is cooked. Everyone has a different idea on how to cook bacon; all ways do not produce the same results. The most common way to cook bacon is to fry it but my least favorite way. I do fry bacon pieces if I am using it and the bacon fat for seasoning. In the restaurants we always put many trays in the oven to bake; with oven paper under it to absorb the fat. This is good when cooking such large quantities. At home I prefer to put in under the broiler; the fat drips down in the bottom away from the bacon. I love the flavor and texture of cooking it this way much better. When making a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, you can tell the difference.


The club sandwich version of the bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich originally consisted of three slices of toasted bread. Many variations have come out of this original sandwich. After spreading mayonnaise on the top side of the first layer of toast, place a leaf of lettuce, then thin slices of ham or turkey (can add slice of onion); next spread middle slice of toast on both sides with mayonnaise and place on top of meat; layer top with slices of cooked bacon; top with sliced tomatoes then another leaf of lettuce; spread another toast on one side with mayonnaise and place that side down on lettuce. These sandwiches are thick so use picks to hold together in corners and cut from corner to corner to serve.

A chicken or hamburger club sandwich is also considered a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. These are usually served on hamburger buns when you order them in restaurants. These are simply either a cooked chicken breast or cooked hamburger (about 4 ounces each) on a bun spread with mayonnaise or dressing; the meat is topped with cooked bacon, then sliced tomatoes, and then lettuce with the other half of bun.

A sandwich loaf recipe can also be a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. A sandwich loaf is a popular choice for a company luncheon, a buffet brunch or supper or an afternoon tea. Using unsliced loaves of sandwich bread slice lengthwise in three or four slices. Use different types of sandwich filling to spread between the slices like ham salad, egg salad or chicken salad. Top each salad layer with crumbled bacon, diced fresh tomatoes and shredded lettuce. After topping loaf with top slice, wrap and refrigerate 1 hour to make slicing easier. Remove from refrigerator, remove wrap and slice vertically in 1 inch slices. (This gives some of each salad to each slice.)