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The Cooking Blogs is my journal about cooking.---lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I find on my travels

---gives you new ideas about parties, holidays, gifts,

How to Make a Chimichanga

Learn how to make a chimichanga, either fried or baked, made with beef or chicken and serve them with shredded, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cilantro lime sauce or picante sauce.

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Christmas Fruitcake Recipes

I have Christmas fruitcake recipes of all kinds from various parts of the world like white, best ever, English, old fashioned, farm, easy, no bake and a delicious Asian layered one with strong lemony coconut filling.

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Christmas Cookie Collection

Add some of these recipes to your Christmas cookie collection; chocolate dipped spritz`, Christmas bells, lemon snowdrops, cinnamon almond stars, rocky road bars, candy canes, apricot jewels, glazed cherry nut pockets, Kahlua filled cups and fruitcake slices.

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Christmas appetizer recipes

Make Christmas appetizer recipes brie wheel, ice basket, Asia wings, crab mushrooms, tortilla Christmas trees, chicken nibbles, sausage balls, skewered oysters, asparagus canapés, fritters, spicy mushrooms, clam mushrooms, pork, bacon shrimp, stuffed puffs, peppermint tree.

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How to Make Enchiladas

Learn how to make enchiladas recipes for enchiladas de huevo with boiled eggs, beef, cheese, quicker, breakfast with eggs and sausage, green chicken, simple and slow cooker.

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How to Make Biscuit Recipes

Learn how to make homemade biscuit recipes made with buttermilk, or egg biscuits, yeast biscuits and a biscuit mix recipe.

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Chicken With Fruit Recipes

Here is how to make chicken with fruit recipes: pineapple, apricot, peach, apple cheese, cranberry, coconut & bananas, orange & lime, figs, orange and apricot.

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How to Make Po Boy Sandwiches

Learn how to make Po Boy sandwiches for shrimp, catfish, fried oyster, rolled beef, green tomato, frankfurter, seafood, spicy meatloaf, blackened grouper with Creole mayonnaise and muffaletta.

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Charlotte Recipes

Learn how to make Charlotte recipes with delicious and elegant recipes for strawberry raspberry, butterscotch, apple and marmalade, lemon, vanilla, apple butter with apple balls and chocolate Russe.

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Mexican Soup Recipes

Learn how to make Mexican soup recipes for basic chicken broth, black bean, tomatillo, curried pumpkin, green chili, cream of poblano, lentil, chicken, three bean and cilantro.

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