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This blog is my journal about cooking. It lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I discover.

It gives you new ideas about parties, holidays, food gifts and more!

How to Make Dinner Rolls


Learn how to make dinner rolls with many yeast roll recipes like refrigerator rolls, melt in your mouth rolls, Parker House rolls and Monticello rolls.

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My Best Banana Bread Recipe


Search for the best banana bread recipe; recipes with sour cream, buttermilk, All Bran Cereal, dates, yeast, blueberries, oatmeal, cornmeal, Spanish recipes, lots of nuts and much more.

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Candy Recipes


Learn the necessary candy making equipment for your candy recipes; hard tack and coconut balls.

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How to Make Thumbprint Cookie Recipes


Make one of these tasty recipes for filled cookies like a thumbprint cookie recipes, cream cheese, and chocolate or peanut butter thumbprints.

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Christmas Candy Recipes


Christmas candy recipes for caramels, heavenly caramels, layered mints, peanut butter balls, English toffee, peanut brittle, coconut nougat squares, triple chocolate fudge, cranberry vanilla fudge, cherry rum balls, chocolate raspberry truffles, pine nut divinity.

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How to Make Truffles


Learn how to make truffles with recipes for coffee cream cheese, chocolate cranberry, tipsies, Christmas balls, candied fruit, hazelnut, cherry date, red velvet, crisp chocolate and 2 chocolate.

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What are Rolled Oats?


Learn what are rolled oats, health benefits and learn to make many great recipes like oat apple crisp and fresh oatmeal bread.

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How to Cook Cornish Hens


Learn how to cook Cornish hens with recipes for orange glazed chickens, Italian hens, thyme or herbed chicken, brandy or lemon chicken with some stuffing recipes.

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How to Make Caramels


Learn how to make caramels with two different recipes for homemade caramels, a caramel nut roll and a marshmallow caramel candy.

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Canning Apples


Learn the process of canning apples in many ways for later use; recipes for applesauce, pie filling, apple butter and relish.

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