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The Cooking Blogs is my journal about cooking.---lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I find on my travels

---gives you new ideas about parties, holidays, gifts,

How to Make the Best Appetizers

My best appetizers are loaded with lots of flavor; hummus made with tahini paste, tabouli, eggplant spread and potato garlic spread served with pita bread.

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How to Make Chile Rellenos

Learn how to make chile rellenos recipes for stuffed Big Jim, stuffed Anaheim, stuffed Poblano, stuffed cubanell, stuffed canned green chiles, grits stuffed Poblano, green chile in an egg roll wrappers, stuffed jalapenos and egg stuffed green chiles with sauce.

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Traditional Irish Food

Learn how to make traditional Irish food like apple rhubarb pie, Irish whiskey steaks, Dublin coddle, Irish stew/ dumplings, soda bread, bubble and squeak, corned beef brisket, Irish coffee sauce and Barmbrack rolls.

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How to Make Banana Pudding

Everyone wants to know how to make banana pudding; this delicious creamy dessert can be made with no cook recipe or cooked recipes.

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Watermelon Recipes

Learn how to make watermelon recipes like juice, red watermelon jam, canned watermelon rind, watermelon rind preserves, watermelon pickles, watermelon spiced pickles and creamy watermelon pie.

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How to Make a Crown Pork Roast Recipe

Make a holiday crown pork roast recipe with rice or apple stuffing or season with an orange sauce for a beautiful presentation.

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How to Make Valentine Cookie Recipes

Make pretty Valentine cookie recipes for coconut oatmeal cookies, teddy bear cookies, chocolate cookies and Swedish cookies.

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How to Make Cookie Cutter Sugar Cookie Recipe

Make rolled cookies like a cookie cutter sugar cookie recipe; frost and decorate powdered or granulated sugar recipes or chocolate.

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How to Make Chocolate Recipes

Learn how to make chocolate recipes like death by chocolate, chocolate chiffon pie, chocolate mocha cake, fudge pudding and easy mousse.

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Yule Log Recipes

Start Christmas traditions with Yule log recipes for a flat sponge cake, chocolate log/ chocolate filling, Kahlus cream filled, date nut, toasted coconut/ marshmallow cream and meringue mushrooms for decorating the logs.

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