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The Cooking Blogs is my journal about cooking.---lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I find on my travels

---gives you new ideas about parties, holidays, gifts,

How to Make Cheap Recipes

Make some great cheap recipes at home like Big Mac sauce, fried potatoes, chocolate cake, biscuits and much more.

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How to Make Cheap Food Recipes

Easy cheap food recipes can be made by soaking and cooking dried beans, making recipes with cheaper hamburger like salami and salsbury steak.

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How to Cook Whole Chicken

Learn how to cook whole chicken, how to cut it and the time needed to cook it with great recipes for oven fried, baked and chicken with dumplings.

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Budget Cooking

Learn how to do low budget cooking using cheaper cuts of meat and making some meatless meals; recipes included.

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How to Cook Split Peas

Learn how to cook split peas using dried green and yellow peas; recipes for an appetizer spread, double pea soup, a French recipe, spiced casserole, spicy soup and split peas with ham.

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Cooking Steak Recipes

Cooking steak recipes using the more economical cuts of beef made delicious by preparation and correct cooking.

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How to Cook Hamburger

Learn how to cook hamburger and a little history of this economical protein with recipes for juicy hamburgers, casserole and microwave meatloaf.

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How to Make Recipes for Hamburger

Learn how to cook ground beef with great recipes for hamburger for pigs in blanket, spicy meatballs, Italian hamburger and many more.

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What is Salt?

Learn what is salt; the processed and natural. Salt enhances the flavor of foods especially snacks like peanut cookies, nut bars, salted pecans and peanut chews.

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What is Arrowroot?

What is arrowroot? I do not like to use this gluten free flour for my vanilla cookie recipe and the problem I see in using xanthan gum in a recipe.

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