How to Make Soup 

For you to know how to make soup, you must understand a little about the history of soup and something about the different types of these dishes. We often think of a steaming hot soup as the perfect food on a cold winter day; it certainly does tend to warm us up. Equally important is that a creamy cold soup on a hot summer day can work as a chiller. It is one of the most versatile dishes for a cook; whatever the occasion, there is a soup to fit the need. These recipes can be chowders, gumbos, or even simple broths; I include in my hearty soup recipes ones like bean and chili, although many people classify chili as a category by itself.

It is a cosmopolitan dish with a very long history. The history of soup reveals that many centuries ago peasants were living on one dish meals of meat and vegetables cooked together. Although this was the main course for the day, often meat was not available to add to the pot. Many vegetable soups were made without meat for seasoning and made strictly with whatever vegetables were left in the fields; it might be cabbage, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, different squash or sometimes it might be a combination of vegetables. Gypsy cooks threw into the soup pot whatever the countryside had to offer. Resourceful wives, who knew how to make soup, of the fishermen made seafood chowders from the spare catch; also adding any other ingredients available for their home consumption.

                  How to Make Soup with Great Recipes

how to make chowder

Thick Chowders have always been popular among the fishing communities but grew to include all kinds of seafood and other ingredients like chicken, corn and other vegetables.

how to make gumbo recipes

The best Gumbo are from New Orleans containing a wide range of ingredients and great spices. It is a great soup to when you learn how to make soup.

how to make hearty soup recipes

Hearty Soup Recipes are popular in the winter in cold weather climates; beef vegetable, chowder or hot chicken noodle soup warms you up. When you learn how to make soup chicken noodle is typically one of your first soup.

how to make cabbage soup

Whatever type of soup you prefer there is a Cabbage Soup; this vegetable goes well with any kind of soup.

how to make a pumpkin soup recipe

There are many types of pumpkin use to make Pumpkin Soup.  Discover which recipe and pupkin is your favorite!

how to make a broccoli soup recipe

Who doesn’t love Broccoli Soup with that thick creamy cheese? Even ones with chicken and rice is delicious.

how to make a carrot soup recipe

Try a creamy Carrot Soup Recipe or one of the other great soup recipes.

how to make mushroom soup

One of my favorite soups is cream of Mushroom Soup; actually any kind with mushrooms.

how to make a tomato soup recipe

Tomato Soup is one of the favorites of Americans especially creamed; also try gazpacho, tortilla and other soups with tomatoes.

how to make a seafood chowder recipe

Make some of the delicious Seafood Chowder with salmon, conch, clam, scallop or with oysters.

how to make french onion soup

French Onion Soup is one of my favorites topped with melted cheese.

how to make italian wedding soup

Italian Wedding Soup is the favorite of the Italian recipes and is served in almost all the restaurants here in the United States.

how to make lentil soup

Lentil Soup Recipe; another economical pot of soup to make; season with various meats and add vegetables if desired.

how to make cheese soup

Cheese Soup Recipe; try a Canadian cheese soup, one with potatoes, one with beer and more.

how to make potato soup recipe

Have a hearty Potato Soup Recipe with creams and cheeses.

how to make cold soup recipes

Cold soups like a vichyssoise recipe.

How to Make Chicken Soup Recipes

Chicken Soup can be with vegetables, noodles or rice, served as a clear broth or creamed.

How to Make Bean Soup

Bean Soup Recipe use to be the tradition Monday (laundry day) recipe; economical but still a very delicious hot soup.

How to Make Potato Soup

How to Make Potato Soup like you would find in the mountain region of Ecuador or others from the United States.

How to Make Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup can be made with any type of meat or seafood as a seasoning or simply made with vegetables. One the first to make when learning how to make soup. 

How to Make Italian Soups

Hearty Italian Soups like Zuppa Toscano

How to Make Pasta Fagioli Recipe

Pasta Fagioli Recipe; this beans and pasta soup is hearty and a great selection from the Italian cuisine.

How to Make Sauerkraut Soup Recipe

You may not like the sound of Sauerkraut Soup but it is very good, especially with dumplings.

How to Make Split Pea Soup Recipe

Split Soup Pea Recipe is another of my favorites; unlike the dried beans dried split peas cook quickly producing a delicious hearty soup for cold days.

How to Cook Soup

Soup recipes like cheese, easy potato, asparagus and more.

How to Make Tomato Soup

Learn how make to tomato Soup it is probably the most popular of all soups; homemade is the best. Make your own homemade beef broth to add rich flavor to your tomato soup recipe.

How to Make Lobster Bisque

Learn how to make soup starting with a delicious Lobster Bisque .

How to Make Squash Soup Recipe

All the different types of squash can be used to make Squash Soup; butternut, zucchini, pumpkin. They can also be used interchangeably.

Learn How to Make Fabulous Chili Recipes

how to cook chili

Where did Chili Recipes originate? It has been amazing that this one little section of the food cuisine has become, and continues to grow, so popular all over the world. It seems everyone wants to learn how to make chili. 

how to cook beef chili

Beef Chili Recipes are probably the most common of the recipes; the beef might be ground or in chunks.

how to make chili con carne recipe

Con Carne Recipe means chili made with meat in Spanish; it is just as popular in the Spanish cuisine as it is here.

how to make vegetarian chili recipe

As the interest in Vegetarian Recipes has grown over the years more chili recipes have been developed; some so good that you do not miss the meat.

how to make chicken chili recipe

Many people wanting to eliminate some of the red meat have developed their own delicious Chicken Chili Recipe.

how to make easy chili recipes

Recipes for easy chili can be made as simply as opening cans of ingredients and spices; if you like meat can be browned and added.

How to Make Chili Con Queso

Chili Con Queso or “chili with cheese” is a great combination; cheese melting on a hot cup of chili and served with crackers makes a delicious filling meal. 

favorite chili recipes

Each and every cook has their own favorite Chili Recipe; hundreds of different ingredients can be added to chili and many different techniques used to make it.

how to make soups

Today a pot of soup still depends on what is available and how you are planning to serve it. Soups are a great way to use up many of your leftovers. When you have any vegetable leftovers, potatoes, rice or meat, throw them in a bag or container in the freezer. Make a large pot of soup and add all the leftovers; this variety adds great flavor. Vary your soup ingredients with the seasons to take advantage of seasonal produce. Use your imagination and try substituting ingredients in the soup pot this is easier the more you learn how to make soup.

CHEESEBURGER SOUP RECIPE (Crowd size recipe makes about 10 quarts)

If you know how to make soup it is easy to multiply ingredients to feed a crowd like this cheeseburger recipe.

  • 4 Pounds hamburger
  • 3 Cups chopped onions
  • 3 Cups diced carrots
  • 3 Cups chopped celery
  • 2 Tablespoons basil
  • 2 Tablespoons parsley flakes
  • 1 Cup butter
  • 12 Cups chicken broth
  • 16 Cups diced potatoes
  • 1 Cup flour
  • 2 Pounds yellow American cheese
  • 6 Cups milk
  • 1 Tablespoon salt
  • 2 Teaspoons black pepper
  • 2 Cups sour cream

Cook ground beef and onions in a large pot: if needed add a little cooking oil to pot.

Add carrots, celery, basil, parsley, butter, chicken broth and diced potatoes.

Bring to a boil and cook until vegetables are tender.

Gradually stir milk into flour until smooth; stir flour mixture into vegetable mixture in pot.

Heat while stirring until blended and hot.

Stir in cheese and sour cream; heat but do not boil.

If you know how to make soup, you will know that most soup recipes begin with some type of broth; maybe poultry, fish, meat or vegetables. Today many cooks start with commercial brands of soup broth but it is very simple to make it at home. Commercial brands of broth often have way too much salt in them so this is something you need to keep in mind if using them. Many recipes of the following groups are made up of basically broth and are light enough to go with a main meal; sauerkraut soup, French onion, Chicken soup and Italian wedding soup.


  • 1 Pound leeks cut in ½ inch slices
  • 1/3 Cup flour
  • 2 Cups milk
  • 2 ½ Cups water
  • 1 Bouillon cube
  • 5 Tablespoons butter
  • Salt/ pepper to taste

Place leeks in pot and cover with water; add 1 teaspoon salt and cook until tender.

Drain leeks and reserve 2 cups of the hot water; set leek aside.

Melt butter in pot and stir in flour and milk; cook over medium while stirring until thickened.

Add the bouillon cube, the reserved water and bring to a boil; add the drained leeks.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Thin clear soups were devised to precede formal dinners to curb the appetite. They have come into common use only with the wider extension of luxuries of modern times. Since the purpose is different, these soups will never replace the hearty chowders, stew and soups of substance. Cold soups like a vichyssoise recipe, are also for the most of us foreign novelties. Such soups like the cold fruit ones are too much like a dessert to win popularity as a soup.


The dry onion soup mix makes a great flavored broth and makes this low calorie soup quick to make.

  • 6 Large chopped onions
  • 2 Green bell peppers chopped
  • 1 Large chopped head of cabbage
  • 3 Stalks chopped celery
  • 1 Quart canned tomatoes with juice
  • 1 Envelope dry onion soup mix

Put all ingredients in a large soup pot; cover with water and bring to a boil.

Simmer until all the vegetables are tender.

soup tureen

Whether a thick hearty soup or a thin clear soup, each in its own place can make for a beautiful presentation. Use your imagination in selecting serving containers for soup this becomes easier once you know how to make soup. Match the container with the soup. I believe this is going to once again become important. With the return of cooking at home instead of eating out, we will want to enjoy a nice presentation of our food. Nothing is worse than spending time preparing food than to have the family turn their nose up at it. A pretty presentation will make them forget if it is something of which they are not particularly fond.

The soup tureen has as much mystique and history as the food itself. It has always provided an eloquent way of serving soups and stews. We have gotten away from using this item in our modern days. Instead in our fast world, we have mostly chosen to scoop a bowl of soup from the soup pot on the stove. I do believe that our busy life must slow down therefore we will begin to enjoy these luxury items more. Years ago, people who really knew how to make soup, would fill a soup tureen that was placed on the table for lunch. A homemade loaf of bread was added and maybe some type of bread spread and this was the meal. Whoever did the cooking would sit down with the rest of the family and serve the soup at the table. This was a much better meal environment.

When learning how to make soup, tureens were also very important when serving a buffet. Quite often two or three were placed on a single buffet, each reflecting the contents inside as closely as possible; for instance a lobster bisque might be presented in a tureen with fish either painted or imprinted on the outside. Single containers which usually matched were placed along side of the large soup tureens on the buffets. These beautiful dishes certainly add to the presentation. Many times these beautiful dishes can be purchased at yard sales for only a few dollars because no one is yet interested in using them.

To know how to make soup means knowing how to make garnishes to serve it. Garnishes for soups also add to the presentation. Many vegetable garnishes, croutons and nuts are served with soups. For clear soups, try a thin slice of lemon sprinkled with chopped parsley; thin slices of mushrooms, thin slices or slivers of cucumbers, carrots, olives or nuts. Just remember for light soups keep the garnishes light.

For heavier soups such as cream of potato and cheese soup garnish with croutons, couple small dumplings, bacon pieces or grated cheese. Heavier soups like some heavier potato soups with meat, lentil soup, pasta fagioli and split pea soup can take heavier garnishes. These are important tips to know when learning how to make soup and the best way of serving them.