International Food Recipes

International food recipes vary from country to country due to the availability of products.  You might find this also even from one region to another region. On the other hand you will also find similarities of some countries because they have access to specific foods to cook with; for example the coastal countries which have plenty of seafood. Here in the United States, we enjoy International food recipes from every country in the world due to our heavy influx of immigrants through the years. I actually consider my family’s German recipes “American” because as far back as I remember we all lived in America.

Of all the international food recipes, I think nothing is more popular than the spicy Mexican recipes. Most of Mexico grows many wonderful peppers and tomatoes adding much flavor in the cooking.  The constant production of fresh corn and flour tortillas lends to many great meals. Even in Mexico, you will find a slight difference in the Mexican cuisine from region to region with each having its own traditional food.  Along the US border, both north and south of the border, there exist a special highly flavored food culture called Tex Mex.

A few international food recipes from around the world: flan, jollof rice, meatball soup, brigadieroes.

Tips on eating when traveling to prevent travel sickness and to have snacks on hand in case food is not available plus other tips. 

International Food Recipes: Mexican

In mentioning international food recipes, most Americans have a passionate love for Italian food. It might be any of the numerous pasta recipes, hot soups, warm crusty breads or any of the luscious desserts. The fresh ingredients, wonderful flavors and textures which abound in all these foods have won us over for many years. Again, in Italy, the cuisine is divided by regions; fresh seafood along the coastal region, heavier creamy foods in the highlands and more pasta inland.

Mexican Soup Recipes

Prepare flavorful Mexican soup recipes: green chili recipe, chicken soup recipe, basic flavorful chicken broth, black bean soup, tomatillo soup recipe, curried pumpkin soup, cream of poblano, Mexican soup with lentil, three bean soup and cilantro soup. 

mexican corn recipes

Try one of these recipes with corn from Mexico as in dips served as appetizers, in cornbread or in a salad.

Chili Casserole

A casserole for chili works well for carry in dinners or buffets; still having that delicious spicy flavor they are easier to serve.

The Best Flan recipes

One of the international food recipes people love is the many flan recipes; try my favorite with cinnamon of select one of the others including chocolate flan.

How to Make Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipes

Learn about and make one of the very flavorful salsa recipes from Mexico to use as an appetizer of as a side with entrees.

How to Make Mexican Food

Learn how to make the best Mexican food.

Mexican Chicken Casserole Recipe

A hot baked chicken casseroles from Mexico makes a flavorful dish for special lunch or dinner.

How to Make Authentic Mexican recipes

Tasty recipes from Mexico are deliciously seasoned with many local spices and peppers like Mexican rice, candy and salsa.

Seven Layer Mexican Dip Recipe

Make a 6 or 7 layer Mexican dips, hot or cold for your next party; always a hit among the international food recipes.

Easy Mexican Food Recipes

Make simple recipes from Mexico like beef tacos, Mexican chicken soup, buttermilk cornbread, chicken flautas and easy guacamole.

How to Make Crockpot Mexican Recipes

Easy Mexican recipes made in a crockpot makes it easy to cook many flavorful dishes.

How to Make Authentic Mexican Rice Recipes

Rice recipes from Mexico could be made with beans, chicken, or Mexicali rice or Spanish rice; all tastefully seasoned.

How to Make Mexican Breakfast Bread Recipes

Make delicious bread recipes from Mexico for breakfast starting with the famous tortilla and filling, fried sopapillas or sweet bread.

How to Make Lasagna Recipe

What is a Mexican lasagna?  Try recipe for this original casserole made with tortillas or what I call “copycat” made with lasagna noodles.

How to Make Mexican Pork Recipes

Pork recipes from Mexico like pork chili, pork loin and pork stew are very popular in the central and southern part of the country. Learn how to make ham, red beans with rice, pork quesadillas and pig's feet.

How to Make a Chimichanga

Make the best chimichangas with beef, chicken or pork. Learn to fry or bake them and serve with the best sauce such as piquante, cilantro lime sauce, salsa or guacamole.

How to make Mexican Cake Recipes

Like the other food, cakes from Mexico are usually very moist and always flavorful and delicious; chocolate layer cake, chocolate cake with coffee and cinnamon, filled chocolate bundt, fruit cake and tropical cake recipe.

How to Make a Tamale Casserole Recipe

Making a casserole of tamales or a tamale pie is the perfect dish for super or carry in dinner.

How to Make Quesadillas

Learn how to make fabulous quesadilla recipes. Watch my video as I demonstrate how to make a simple quesadilla and a dessert one. Recipes here include a spicy chicken, shrimp with yellow pepper sauce, chicken, spinach, yams, a recipe from Baja, cheese, salmon and an onion recipe.

How to Make Mexican Dessert Recipes

Learn how to make Mexican dessert recipes. Watch my video and learn how to make a tortilla bowl to serve dessert. Make a sweet treat by deep frying piece of tortilla, make a fruit dip, apple tacos, a rich frozen mocha torte recipe, a chocolate mouse with cashews, churros, biscochitos recipe, custard and a strawberry margarita dessert.  

How to Make Nachos

Make delicious nachos recipes: guacamole recipe, hamburger nachos, nachos con huevos, popcorn nachos, shrimp nachos, tuna nachos, easy nachos, canned cheese nachos, chicken nachos, nachos with white cheese and Chipotle bell pepper nachos.  

Mexican Egg Recipes

Egg recipes from Mexico appear in the diet all day long and not just for breakfast; chili con queso, egg casserole, egg salad, pumpkin flan. Mexican cake and huevos rancheros.

Learn how to make Mexican food like your own soup bean mix and use it in other recipes like bean and rice or make an easy canned soup.

When you learn how to make Mexican food you must try this original tres leches cake from my friend in Mexico and read her story.This is a very popular dessert among the international food recipes.

Many beverage recipes from Mexico are popular made with locally available ingredients like coffee and chocolate.

Try this original and delicious mole poblano recipe from my friend in Mexico and read the story.Use mole on many international food recipes.

How to Make Fajitas

Learn how to make delicious fajitas! There are many wonderful fajitas recipes: peppered fajitas, fajitas with shrimp or chicken, fajitas with beef sirloin, fajitas with smoky beef flavor, fajitas with chicken, fajitas with pork, fajitas flavored with coffee and spice, fajitas with plums and beef and fajitas with sausage. 

How to Make Enchiladas

Make the best enchiladas. Try a recipe for beef, eggs, cheese, a quick recipe, one for breakfast, a green chicken, a simple chicken enchilada and a recipe made in a slow cooker.

Learn how to make homemade burritos! Make burritos with chicken, beef or pork. Try a vegetarian burrito or a breakfast burrito.

Discover wonderful Mexican celebrations foods!

mexican sauces

Make the best Mexican sauce recipes.

How to Make Chiles Rellenos

Prepare delicious chiles rellenos recipes: chile rellenos with big Jim, chile rellenos with Anaheim peppers, roasted poblano chiles rellanos, stuffed Cubanell peppers, chile rellenos with canned chiles, southern chiles recipe, southwestern chiles rellenos recipe, baked chiles rellenos and chiles rellenos with eggs.

I love Chinese recipes. It is very important among the international food recipes. As in the previous cuisines, Chinese food is divided into regions also. China is a vast country with a wide range of climate and terrain that is reflected in the cuisine. The Peking style is characterized by sweet and sour sauces, wine based cooking stocks, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, garlic, green onions, yeast dough and plenty of soy sauce.

The Chinese Shanghai Style is lighter and more delicate composed of soups, vegetables and seafood. The Cantonese style of food was the first arrival to the United States. Today nth9is style including chop suey and chow Mein seems quite boring with the presence of the other regional foods of China. My favorite styles of Chinese food are the Szechwan and Hunan. Both of these are hotter and spicier than the others with wonderful flavor.

International Food Recipes: Irish

The Irish cuisine has evolved though many changes the country has endured; both political and social. Like all international food recipes Irish cuisine is influences by the agriculture and social influences. The food comes from basic crops grown in the country and the animals which are raised. Heavier foods like many wonderful stews are popular in the country. Potatoes are a staple product and are included in many of the recipes. You will also find in them many fresh vegetables like cabbage. Look for traditional delicious recipes like colcannon (My favorite), coddle and boxty.

Irish Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers from Ireland are made with typical Irish ingredients; potatoes, turnips, corn beef and sausage.

How to Make Lamb Stew

A hearty stews made with lamb are typical of the Irish cuisine; different ingredients and seasonings change the recipes.

How to Make a Guinness Cake

Ireland’s famous Guinness beer is what makes this Irish cake so special; learn about the cake and the beer.

Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipe

Corn beef and cabbage is thought to be a traditional Irish recipe although it is said to have originated here in this country; still very good. International food recipes all always changed and altered with the migration of the people.

St Patricks Day Food

Most foods for St. Patrick's day have become traditional recipes to Americans; they are so flavorful.

How to Make Irish Potato Recipes

Try some great potato recipes from Ireland and learn about how the potato crop became so important to the Irish people.

How to Cook Mulligan Stew

What is the story behind Mulligan stew? How do you make it?

How to Make St Patricks Day Desserts

Desserts for St. Patrick's day can be almost anything good especially if it has “green” in it.

St. Patrick's Day Menu

Tasty appetizers, soda breads, salad dressings, lamb chops, potato dishes, wonderful salads and desserts are all part of making a menu for St. Patrick's Day.

How to Make Irish Recipes

Try some of my favorite recipes from Ireland. Cook the best rhubarb, try a forgotten stew, a hearty potatoes and pork chop dish, bannocks or a boxty recipe.

Colcannon Recipe

Recipes for colcannon are made with potatoes and greens; try my original one made with mashed potatoes and kale. It is delicious!

Irish Whiskey or Irish Wedding Cake

Whiskey cake from Ireland is the traditional wedding cake; made with lots of candied fruit. It is very interesting to discover all the international food recipes for wedding.

Irish Soda Bread

The most famous bread in Ireland is the soda bread; made without yeast.

How to Make Irish Cakes

Cakes from Ireland can be made colored green or using local popular ingredients of Ireland.

How to Make Irish Cookies

Cookies from Ireland are pretty decorated sugar cookies or green shamrocks but the traditional Irish cookies are ones like lace cookies or ones made with local ingredients like rhubarb bars and mint thumbprints.

How to Make Irish Desserts

Great desserts from Ireland made with fruits like cherries, apples and rhubarb plus some are made with cheese. I love making all the desserts included in the international food recipes.

Disney's Ragland Road Irish Pub enjoy their Smokey Haddock Recipe or their Mini Shepherds Pie. A special treat their recipe for Irish Mist Bread Pudding!

International Food Recipes: Italian


When I think of Italian cuisine my first thought is the wonderful pasta recipes of Italy. When learning how to make Italian recipes these include my favorites like stuffed manicotti, fettuccini, lasagna and spaghetti. 

how to make italian soup recipes

Soups are always part of every countries cuisine and the soups of Italy are no different. Inspired by the regions agriculture you will find when learning how to make Italian recipes that Italian soups are based on a meat broth but vary with ingredients such as bean, sausage, barley and much more.

Italian Breakfast Food

Breakfast foods of Italy may include various recipes for frittata recipes (or omelets), many different pastries and sweetbreads; all made with what is available locally. Breakfast is often eaten while standing so the food could be consistent with finger foods.

How to Make Italian Cake Recipes

The national unification of Italy continued to move on and truly influenced the Italian cooking especially the cakes of Italy.

How to Make Italian Cream Puffs

The cream puffs of Italy are similar to puffs from other countries and the profiteroles of France. The dough is made with an egg pastry and when baked it shapes a rather hollow puff. These are stuffed with many fillings but the best are the rich creamy sweet fillings; sometimes topped with a fruit sauce. 

How to Make Italian Finger Food

Finger foods from Italy might also be called antipasto or here in the United States called  appetizers. These small sturdy snacks must be able to be eaten with the hand and while standing. This could be for breakfast, as a snack, at cocktail parties or before a meal as an appetizer. 

Stromboli Recipe

A stromboli has the flavor much like Italian pizza but is folded or rolled more like a calzone. Having many of the same ingredients the difference is that a Stromboli does not have a sauce on it; instead a sauce is served alongside for dipping if the diner prefers.

How to Make Italian Pizza Recipes

The pizzas of Italy are a favorite food for many of us and most of us have our favorite pizza parlors. Sammy’s in Florida has great authentic pizza. Make your own pizza sauce and create a delicious pizza with a simple recipe the philosophy behind knowing how to make Italian recipes. 

How to Make Italian Recipes

Make the best Italian recipes like a rich chocolate amaretto cheesecake, a coconut cheesecake or a goat cheese appetizer.

Everyday Italian Recipes

Simple Italian foods can be easily prepared by using a crock pot. These slow cooking recipes allow all the flavor from the spices to infuse these wonderful international food recipes. 

Easter in Italy

An Italian Easter is celebrated by the rich traditions of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rituals, parades and masses and lots of good food like Easter pie recipe, the rice cake and various special breakfast recipes are all part of this celebration. 

History of Italian Food

The food of Italy has a rich history it is traced back to ancient Rome when the diet was very simple and plain. Like all international food recipes the cuisine evolves with the culture.  It was based on bread and locally grown ingredients like beans, lentils, turnips, beets, cabbage, lettuce and fruits. 

Italian Food Menu

Plan your Italian food menu! Try these fabulous recipes: bruschetta, an antipasta platter, Italian lasagna, fish pie, veal piccata, fettuccine with shrimp and tomatoes, chicken bacci bacci, tortellini and fresh basil salad, an Italian cheese bread, tiramisu recipe and an Italian wine custard recipe.

How to Make Gnocchi

Learn how to make homemade gnocchi. There are so many delicious gnocchi recipes: gnocchi with Provolone and Parmesan cheese,  herb potato gnocchi, gnocchi recipe, cheese spinach gnocchi, potato dumplings recipe, herb butter recipe, pesto sauce recipes and Italian tomato sauce for serving! 

Traditional Italian foods

Prepare traditional Italian foods: creamy fettuccini alfredo, Italian herb bread, Sicilian caponata, risotto cabrillo, Italian baked oyster,  gnocchi, Italian sausage, peach tart, strawberry zabaglione, garlic pork roast and rosemary potatoes!    

How to Make a Cannoli

Italian cannolis are found in almost every Italian restaurant in the United States; very much of favorite of diners. Thinly rolled dough is wrapped around metal tubes to form and baked; then they are stuffed with a thick ricotta sweet filling. So delicious! 

How to Make Puttanesca Sauce Recipe

The puttanesca is a fairly new addition to the Italian cuisine. The fragrance of cooking this spicy sauce was developed to entice the “men clients” in for the “ladies of the night”. 

authentic italian bread recipes

Authentic breads of Italy vary from region to region. Italy is a country of twenty regions but when you are learning how to make Italian recipes it is easier to narrow it down to find an authentic Italian bread recipe, I am dividing it into three regions; Northern, Southern and Central Italy plus Sicily.

italian dessert

Desserts of Italy are known around the world for their rich creamy taste and texture; much like the French desserts. These recipes like the cream puffs, tiramisu, cheesecakes and others are made possible by the local production of milks, creams and cheeses. 

Panatone (or Panettone recipe ) is for an Italian sweet bread made traditionally at Christmas. What was once a dome or bowl shaped bread is now generally baked in a tower. Many variations have it being made with fruits and nuts; usually it is served with a cheese spread. 

How to Make a Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is one of the favorite Italian dessert recipes. Creamy cheeses are added to original custard recipes to make a most delicious creamy dessert. Strong coffee sets it apart from other Italian desserts.

How to Make Italian Cheesecake

The wonderful cheesecakes of Italy are a favorite around the world. They are made with a variety of local cheese plus other rich creams from the area. Often these recipes will include fruit or be served with fruit. 

Panna cotta is another classic Italian dessert made with the abundance of fresh rich creams. Most cooks know how to prepare these desserts in their home kitchens which are served for special occasions. This one can be served alone or topped with chocolate, fruits or other toppings. 

Chocolate gelato is a favorite flavor of these light creamy frozen ice cream desserts. As described by visitors returning from Italy, this is the most light and flavorful ice cream they have ever eaten.

Fig cookies from Italy along with other fig desserts are a favorite in Italy which produces a lot of figs. These can be added to the cookie dough or made in a filling to enclose with a cookie dough; whichever way you choose to make them, the figs add a delicious moist flavor. 

Italian Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies of Italy, like many international food recipes are traditional ones that have been passed down through the generations. These are made with locally produced ingredients especially the eggs, butter, creams, cheeses and often fruits. 

italian spumoni bars

Cookie recipes of Italy traditionally used easily accessible local ingredients. Now like here in the United States and other countries we have more access to more ingredients to bake with. This has opened the door to newer and a wider variety of cookie recipes. 

Chocolate biscottis has made itself a reputation around the world for the best coffee dunking cookie. Although this cookie can be made with only one baking, it is traditionally a cookie which is baked twice.

Spicy Chinese Recipes

Learn to make the best spicy Chinese recipes: Hunan beef steak, slow cooker sesame pork ribs, Sichuan beef noodles, shrimp and peas, chicken sate, Kung boa sauce, shrimp stir fry, Asian beef round steak, stir fried chicken and vegetables and pork and vegetable crusty noodle cake. 

How to Make Chinese Appetizer Recipes

Make tasty Chinese appetizers. Try a recipe for chicken wings, ginger shrimp, Oriental nuts, fried beef bundles, corkscrew shrimp, wontons, meatballs, Mongolian beef sticks and fish rolls.

How to Cook Chinese Chicken

Learn how to cook Chinese chicken. Try a recipe with almonds, orange flavor, Kung Pao, cashew, spicy peanut, hot and sour, or a Peking recipe.

How to Make Wontons

Make delicious Asians wontons. These can be steamed or fried. They are stuffed with pork, beef, chicken, seafood and vegetables. 

How to Make Egg Rolls

Make delicious egg rolls and springs rolls. Make your own wraps and fill with some tasty recipes. Serve with some of these yummy sauces. 

How to Make Chinese Pork Recipes

Make tasty Chinese pork recipes. Make a sweet and sour recipes, orange Szechuan pork, Oriental pork chops, pork and chicken, sausage wonton, spicy pork strips, Yu-Shiango pork, stir fry, cashew and Chinese barbeque pork ribs.  

How to Make Chinese Beef Recipes

Learn how to make delicious Chinese beef recipes like the following: teriyaki stir fry, orange beef stir fry, Oriental flank steak, sukiyaki for a crowd and a family, Szechuan beef and snow peas, spicy Chow Mein, Oriental ribs and a dried beef recipe. 

How to Make Chinese Salad Recipes

Make the best Chinese salad recipes. Try making my favorite Chinese chicken salad, a shrimp salad, Thai beef salad, cucumber salad, cashew chicken salad, Oriental broccoli salad, Chinese coleslaw, Thai pasta salad, rice salad and Daikon salad. 

How to Make Chinese Soup Recipes

Yummy Chinese soup recipes; Oriental vegetable, egg drop, kung Pao wonton soup, Asian curry, gingered Chinese noodle, egg flower corn, pearl tapioca and abalone and mustard greens soup.

How to Make Chinese Dessert Recipes

Make Chinese dessert recipes. Make festive fortune cookies, pineapple pastries, orange sesame seed cookies, coconut papaya rice, fried banana fritters and a macadamia nut torte recipe. 

Basically, this same story is repeated from one country to another for international food recipes whether it is German, English, French, Indian or others.  Each will have specialties for their individual regions. If you try a recipe from one area of a specific country and decide you are not happy with it, do not quit there. It may be as simple as trying a recipe from another region.

How to Make a Knish Recipe

Knishes are one of my favorite Jewish recipes. Knishes are made with dough and have various fillings such as potatoes, chicken, beef and cheese. They can be served as  meal or an appetizer. 

How to Make Strudel

Learn how to make delicious strudel. Try a fruit walnut strudel, apple rice filling, apple strudel, a savory beef and cheese, a cherry cheese filled strudel and my favorite cabbage and ham strudel. 

How to Make Rugelach

Learn how to make the Jewish pastry of rugelach. Try making one with an apricot almond filling, a Hungarian cream cheese raspberry filling, a kifli dough recipe with walnut filling and a recipe with poppy seed filling.

How to Cook Foods from Spain

Make tasty recipes from Spain. Try a classic recipe of flan, cod and potatoes, crema espanola, paella, chocolate cream, soup from Valencia and Spanish bean soup.  

How to Make Stuffed Grape Leaves

Learn how to make stuffed grape leaves. Make them meatless, with lamb, pork or beef. Serve them with a homemade tzadziki sauce, egg lemon sauce, or an avgolemono sauce.

How to Cook Greek Food

Make delicious international food recipes like Greek foods. Make cheese and olive hat appetizers, a Greek salad, recipe for saganaki, dolmathes, tiropitakia, lamb stew with spinach, endive with lemon sauce, Greek honey walnut balls and pita bread.

How to Make German Food

I enjoy the good food of Germany at Hollerbacks Willow Tree Café in Sanford Florida.

How to Make Traditional German Recipes

Making traditional German Piggy Pudding (VIDEO) and Scrapple.

How to Make German Cuisine

I have always enjoyed the wonderful food from my Dad’s German recipes.

Cooking with Beer

Cooking with beer is part of my German heritage. You will find many delicious recipes with beer: onion rings, Frankfurter fritters, Jiffy beer bread, beef and beer stew, biscuits, dill bread, chicken wings, beerwurst soup, chicken and rice, pecan breaded pork chops, beer and spice brunch cake and beer barbeque sauce. 

In Weaverville North Carolina you can find fabulous German Food at the Bavarian Dining Restaurant. I share some of the international food recipes I enjoy there like potato cakes. I also share some of my own recipes like sauerbraten, hamburger gravy and fish cakes.

Ecuador Living

Discover Ecuador living and their delicious cuisine. Make a tasty savory herb quinoa pudding and a corn pudding both are served with a rich cheese sauce. 

Pierogy Recipe

Prepare delicious pierogy recipes. Pierogis are made with a multitude of fillings such as cheese, meat, fruit, potato and many more.

Pine Nut Recipes

Prepare delicious pine nut recipes like the following: pine nut pumpkin bread, eggplant appetizer recipe, pine nut basil butter, lemon chicken recipe, herbed cream cheese round, pine nuts and rice tomatoes, roasted pepper pasta sauce, quinoa pilaf recipe, kibbeh, bulgur and potato pie pine nuts recipe and pesto sauce recipe.

Learning some facts Ecuador the food, location, weather, altitude and people makes a trip there very inviting.

Ecuador cuisine is about how we spend much of our time eating when in Ecuador; plus dental and health care.

Bangers and mash is a traditional British recipe that was popular during meat rationing during WW II.

Bubble and squeak is a popular British dish made from leftovers.