How to Barbeque 

I never really learned how to barbeque until many years of cooking inside. In my very early life all cooking happened in the kitchen where family and friends always seemed to congregate.

How to BarbequeBest Barbeque Ribs

The atmosphere of the kitchen was desirable almost as much as the enjoyment of the delicious food being created in the kitchen. This comparable atmosphere can be enjoyed when building a charcoal fire when learning how to cook outdoors. Actually, cooking outdoors add to the Painless Cooking simply because you have less worries about making a mess. The fragrance of the picnic recipes radiates from your backyard grill like it does when cooking in your kitchen.

How to Make BBQ Recipes

Recipes for bbq can be made as easy as lighting a fire but brushing meat with fat will help seal in the moistness. Seasonings can be added for flavor and marinades help to tenderize.

Cooking Ribs

When it comes to preparing ribs my brother is one of the most talented. Larry smokes the most delicious ribs; he puts them on early and cooks them for many hours while basting them in his secret blend.

How to Make Barbeque Pork Ribs Recipes

recipes for barbeque pork ribs are a favorite among many outdoor chefs. The selection of pork ribs can be taken from the belly side of the pig or cut from the top of the rib cage like the baby backs.

Best Camping Recipes

Most recipes for camping are simple to cook but cooking over the campfire is a very exciting part of the whole experience. These recipes might vary depending on the type of cooking facility available.

Easy Tailgate Recipes

Easy recipes for tailgating can be prepared ahead of time to leave plenty of time to enjoy the tailgate party. Try chicken skewers with a jalapeno sauce, a potato salad recipe, grilled swordfish, ground turkey burgers, pastelitos Mexicanos and a salted caramel cashew cookie for dessert. 

How to Grill Fish

Make delicious grilled fish recipes. Try a recipe for barbeque salmon steaks, grilled grouper with cucumber sauce, grilled shrimp, whole grilled fish with cardamon and mint and a boiled fish recipe.

How to Barbeque Beef Ribs

The easiest barbeque beef ribs these are great over seasoned wood or charcoal or just serve them right off the grill or with lots of seasoned barbeque sauce.

Grilling Fish

Prepare the following delicious grilled fish recipes: grilled fish with spicy banana salsa,  grilled tuna with eggplant and tahini sauce, striped bass recipe, barbeque salmon, grilled salmon, white fish with tarter sauce, red snapper grilled in banana leaves and barbeque fish tacos.

Learn many ways with many recipes to barbeque chicken. This is one of the favorites for summer cooking outdoors whether over charcoals, wood, on a gas grill or in a smoker.

The best ever pork ribs. Choose from the pork loin country style ribs or the delicious baby back ribs; all so delicious.

Many types of foods can be cooked on a grill with the right techniques. Don’t limit your recipes for grilling to basics like hamburgers and hot dogs. Experience the delicious flavor in everything you eat!

How to Make Summer Recipes

This time of the year I am reminded of my childhood and our delicious recipes for summer. Dad and my brothers prepared the fire for cooking in the fireplace in our backyard. Mom and the sisters were in the kitchen preparing other food; all in preparation for one of the big cookouts.

When making barbeque sauce, you will find some solely for flavor and some meant for tenderizing. Whatever the intended purpose, they can be great flavor enhancers.

Homemade Barbeque Sauce can contain acidic liquids to help tenderize tougher meats or it may include mainly seasoning agents like a variety of herbs and spices. There is a great debate about who makes the best homemade barbeque sauce recipe.

Barbeque Dry Rubs are good for people who love flavors in the meats but are not particularly fond of sauces. These recipes are usually made up of several spices and often a lot of spices which blend well together for most meats when grilling.

Many claim to make the best barbeque sauce including the makers of Open Pit Barbeque Sauce. As with most things it is a matter of opinion and what each person desires in flavor but definitely it must be seasoned well.The first thing I ever grilled that was barbeque beef would be hamburgers. From that day many years ago I found other recipes like succulent steaks, beef kabobs and even thick roasts are also very good on the grill.

It just would not be a picnic without side dishes like potato salad, baked beans and many others of our favorite recipes. Be sure to keep all of these safe to eat by packing cold dishes in ice and keep hot dishes hot.

Even recipes for barbeque appetizers have a place at picnics and cookouts. Keep hungry guests happy by serving quick grilled foods while waiting for the longer cooking recipes to finish cooking.

When you learn how to barbeque on the grill, it can be a fun way of entertaining family and friends. If you do not learn how to cook outdoors correctly, it can also turn into a disaster. Many factors determine the heat which comes from your grill. Safety must be first in both the techniques you choose to cook your food and the foods you choose for picnic recipes.

In recent years of my life I have been spoiled with the ease of knowing how to barbeque on the gas grill outside my door. One flip of a switch and I can start cooking meats and vegetables which result in delicious flavor. When learning how to barbeque, this is a great way when time is limited. By controlling the direct heat from the burners and adjusting the grill door many delicious picnic recipes can be created; however many of us love that delicious flavor which comes from knowing how to barbeque by building a charcoal fire and cooking on that.

To start when building a charcoal fire, for safety, make sure the grill is away from any buildings, dry grasses or trees; never leave a hot grill unattended to. Never grill in any enclosed areas where the deadly carbon monoxide fumes cannot escape.

Line the bottom of your grill with heavy aluminum foil; this reflects heat which speeds the cooking process and also helps with the cleaning afterwards. If your grill has ventilation holes in the bottom of the grill, punch the foil at those holes to help the fire breath.

If there are no holes or a way for your fire to get the ventilation to breath, building a base is recommended. A base can be built by making a thick layer of very small or crushed stone. Not only will this base help with the air flow for the fire but this is how to barbeque and have a place to absorb the melted fat.

Charcoal briquettes are the most popular source of fuel to use because they give off an abundance of intense heat and are long lasting without much popping. Make sure you store your charcoal in a dry place where they do not absorb moisture, making them difficult to light. Many people dump way too many charcoal briquettes into their grill for what they are cooking. Fatty meats need few charcoal briquettes in the fire for a cooler fire; lean meats can use more, making a hotter fire. When learning how to cook outdoors, colder days will require more charcoal. Wasted charcoal is also wasted money. As you learn how to barbeque, you will learn how much charcoal to use for your picnic recipes.

To get a good bed of coals, light the charcoal about 20 to 30 minutes before your cooking time begins. Stack the charcoal in a pyramid shape to start the fire more quickly. Saturate the pyramid with a charcoal lighter for about 30 seconds. NOTE: FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON CONTAINER. NEVER USE GASOLINE, ALCOHOL OR ANY OTHER HIGHLY DANGEROUS MATERIAL.

Light the charcoals with a charcoal lighter and let burn about 30 to 40 minutes. The charcoal will look covered with a layer of gray ash in the daytime; or at night they will look glowing red. At this point the charcoal is ready to be spread in a layer over the gravel, leaving about ½ inch between coals. From time to time knock off this gray ash because it tends to hold back the heat. When you know how to barbeque on a spit, arrange the coals at the rear of the fire bowl. Remember that tender cuts of meat are more suitable for quick cooking on the grill.

BARBEQUE BEEF RECIPE FOR RIBS When you learn how to barbeque, this will be one of your first recipes to conquer; they are delicious.

  • 6 Pounds beef chuck ribs, cut into 1 rib pieces
  • 1 Cup water
  • ¾ Cup soy sauce
  • 2/3 Cup dry sherry
  • ½ Cup packed brown sugar
  • 6 Cloves minced garlic
  • 1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • 2 Teaspoons five spice powder

Place ribs in a single layer in a roasting pan.

Combine in a saucepan water, soy sauce, dry sherry, brown sugar, garlic, pepper, ginger and five spice powder.

Cook mixture over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.

Pour marinade over ribs, cover and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.

Cover pan with foil and place in hot grill; cover with grill lid and cook 45 minutes.

Remove ribs from pan and place on grill rack; close grill cover and cook about 45 to 60 minutes longer.

Occasionally brush ribs with marinade from pan.


In learning how to barbeque you will want to find a favorite barbeque dry rub recipe; this is a great way to season your meats and many can be used on any type of meat.

  • 2 Cups sugar
  • ¼ Cup paprika
  • 2 Teaspoons chili powder
  • ½ Teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ½ Cup salt
  • 2 Teaspoons black pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon garlic powder

Makes about 3 cups.

Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight glass container.

Use as a rub for any barbeque meat.

When you learn how to barbeque it is fun to experiment with different types of wood chips for different delicious flavors. Soaking the wood in water about 20 minutes will increase the smoke penetration and make the life of the wood chips longer.

When you learn to cook outdoors or how to barbeque, you will have food and probably other picnic recipes out in the heat and weather elements so all precautions must be taken to keep it safe to eat. Proper food preparation and packaging is important. Bacteria will grow on food which is left at warm temperatures for any length of time. This leads to food poisoning.

Use more vinegars and oil dressings instead of cream or milk dressings for salads and other dishes. Keep all food refrigerated or packed in ice until ready to serve; take out of ice as you serve it rather than setting everything out in the heat at once. As soon as the meal is finished, return food to the ice or refrigeration.