Best Fish and Seafood Recipes

The best fish and seafood recipes must start with a good fresh product. Years ago everyone would say that you have to live where the catch is local to get good quality of a supply to cook. Granted those areas do offer wonderful fresh products but today it is possible to have good products in other areas also.

Best Fish and Seafood RecipesBest Fish and Seafood Recipes

For me to eat this type of protein, I have to have good quality. Some of the best recipes I have made, and even eaten out in restaurants, have been made with frozen fish. This is because now the technique to freezing all seafood is being done right on the ships by “quick freezing” immediately after harvesting.

Most of the fish and seafood I have purchased in the grocery stores has already been frozen and then thawed to sell. This process makes it mushy and not very well flavored. Needless to say, they have not made best fish and seafood recipes. I got to the point of not even trying any more. After I visited Alaska and found I could order this quick frozen salmon and other seafood that had been quick frozen, I tried again. Once I had eaten this great flavored fish, I could never buy it in the grocery again.

The varieties of fish and seafood species available to the United States alone are so massive that one could spend a lifetime cooking and sampling each type. Some of these like shrimp, lobster, scallops, clams, cod, perch and salmon have a permanent place on culinary menus in this country. There are still others which are very delicious and well worth trying to make the best fish and seafood recipes which are not so common to diners.

Best Fish and Seafood Recipes

How to Cook Seafood

Learn how to cook seafood like crab cakes, scalloped oysters, shrimp and rice, and stuffed clams.

How to Cook Tuna Steaks

Cook the best tuna steaks! Try a recipe for lemon basil tuna, one with a fruit sauce, tuna with asparagus, baked almond steaks and grilled tuna salad.

Cooking Salmon

Prepare delicious salmon recipes like  sweet potato bake, salmon loaf,  salmon steaks, salmon with dill sauce, Dijon honey, savory cups, and salmon casserole recipes.

How to Cook Salmon

Learn how to cook salmon in parchment paper, in a salmon loaf, with a mustard caper sauce, with citrus and shrimp, whole salmon with herbs, a spiced cold salmon or over hot coals.

Fish Recipes

Make delicious fish recipes like fish and vegetables, orange roughy, fish kabobs, Italian scrod, cod creole and halibut skewers. 

How to Cook Tilapia

How to cook tilapia with recipes for baking, Creole or Italian style.

How to Cook Cod

Learn how to cook cod with great recipes. Try a delicious recipe for pretzel coated fried cod, a poached cod with spinach, pan seared cod, Provencal cod soup, a baked cod, a broiled cod, cod croquettes, deep fried fish and chips, cod with leeks and onions, Baja cod tacos, fried cod with a garlic potato sauce and baked rosemary cod recipe.   

How to Cook Shrimp

Learn how to cook shrimp and make great recipes! I will show you how to divine shrimp. This page has recipes for Lemon Garlic Shrimp, Giahni Shrimp, Low Country Boil, Shrimp Veracruzana, Shrimp Newburg, Shrimp with Mustard & Coriander, Shrimp Magenta, Shrimp Stuffed Pepper and Cajun Shrimp.

How to Make Fried Shrimp

Learn how to make fried shrimp with these delicious recipes: fried shrimp with sesames, coconut beer batter fried shrimp, a basic fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, simple fried shrimp, French fired shrimp, fried beer batter shrimp and a fried tempura recipe. 

How to Cook Swordfish

Make the best swordfish recipes: Tandoori Swordfish, Dijon Swordfish, marinated Swordfish, Tomato Swordfish, Pan Seared Swordfish, Grilled Swordfish, Crusted Swordfish and Baked Swordfish with Wine.

How to Cook Catfish

How to Cook Catfish in the South means fried or battered fried; Tennessee has its own recipe or try baking the fish.

How to Cook Perch

Try preparing perch recipes fried in breading with hush puppies, oven fried or fish battered.

How to Cook Trout

Make fabulous trout recipes: trout almondine, poached trout with tarragon, capered trout, trout with crab sauce, microwave trout, stuffed trout, grilled trout, apricot glazed trout, grilled tarragon trout and baked trout. 

How to Cook Flounder

Some of the best fish and seafood recipes are made with flounder. Make these tasty flounder recipes: batter fried flounder, pan fired flounder, microwave flounder paella, Italian fish fillets, fried flounder, broiled Parmesan crusted flounder, Italian broiled flounder, baked almond flounder, baked flounder vinaigrette, flounder with crab stuffing, baked flounder, baked flounder au gratin, spinach stuffed flounder and A L'Orange flounder.  

How to Cook Oysters

When you learn how to cook oysters you will learn to clean them and make delicious recipes. Learn to serve on the half shell, make batter dipped oysters, oyster stew, scalloped oysters, cornbread oyster dressing, broiled oysters, grilled oysters, oyster Rockefeller, easy baked oysters, barbequed oysters, Louisville rolled oysters, smoked oyster and corn casserole and oysters & wild rice.

How to Cook Mahi Mahi

Learn how to cook mahi mahi recipes like the following:  poached mahi, Asian fish recipe, mahi mahi with veggies, baked mahi mahi, fish stir fried, mesquite grilled mahi, mahi mahi recipe with white wine sauce, spiced mahi mahi, herbed mahi steaks, mahi with spicy sauce and a middle eastern mahi.  

Barbeque Shrimp Recipes

Prepare scrumptious barbeque shrimp recipes like grilled shrimp, grilled shrimp with peanut sauce, char broiled shrimp, shrimp kabobs, shrimp in shell. oriental shrimp skewers, barbeque shrimp with a citrus salsa, charbroiled anchovy shrimp, barbeque shrimp with pepper spice, smoky barbeque shrimp and barbeque shrimp in tacos.

Make delicious crab cake recipes like the following: Maryland crab cakes, deviled crab cakes, crab cakes from Savannah, crab cakes from North Carolina, Mediterranean style, Carribean crab cakes, crab cakes with Dijon sauce, Italian crab cakes, famous Merrick Inn crab cakes and crab cakes from South Carolina. 

How to Cook Fish with ever expanding recipes like sweet and sour and fillets of sole with Florentine stuffing.

Best Fish Recipes like baked fish, salmon loaf, tuna casserole, fried cod and baked flounder.

Shad Recipes baked with bacon, Parmesan style, broiled or with creamed roe.

Carp Recipes can be baked, grilled or in a fish casserole.

Crappie Recipes for simple baked, garlic butter, fish casserole or try baked eel.

Learn How to Clean Fish when you catch your own; recipes for tuna casserole, baked flounder and baked sole with homemade soy sauce. 

Best Seafood Recipes like roasted salmon and baked fish fillets.

How to Cook Sea Bass in baked fish recipe, in Ceviche, grilled or in a Mexican striped bass recipe.

Learn the basics of How to Cook Lobster Tails, baked lobster recipe, with a white sauce or with wine sauce.

Grilled Lobster tails with Tabasco butter, broiled lobster, ceviche, and a lobster sauce recipe.

Easy Lobster Soup recipe, a bisque recipe, chowder or seafood stew.

How to Cook Frozen Lobster with lobster tetrazzini, a spread, chowder, creamed or crab and lobster casserole.

How to Cook Lobster with recipe for seafood fettuccini or famous Lobster Newburg.

How to Cook Mussels with recipes for basic cooking, mussels mariniere or mussels kabobs.

Learn how to cook fresh salmon from fried, smoked and roasted. Salmon is the best fish and seafood recipes to make.

I mentioned buying frozen seafood, but they are not all the same. When I find a good product, I stay with the same brand. When purchasing fresh for the best fish and seafood recipes, signs of freshness is the key to quality. Seafood is not something which will stay fresh for very long; it should be used as quickly as possible after buying. It is also important to think about how long the market has had it with them when you make the purchase.

The first sign of older fish is in the odor; a fresh fish will have a mild sweetish fragrance, only slightly marine. It will have firm elastic flesh that springs back when touched. When buying whole fish, the eyes should be protruding, bright red gills and shiny adhering scales.

There are white blooded fish and red blooded fish. The blood of the white blooded fish is actually yellow in color. They are absent of any red blood cells and the fat is secreted in the liver. Some of these fish are cod (reason for cod liver oil), haddock, trout, flounder, smelt, perch and others. The red blooded fish have the fat distributed throughout the flesh. Some examples of these are salmon, eels, mackerel, blue fish, swordfish, shad, herring and others.