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Christmas Cake Recipes

Try one of my Christmas cake recipes; cranberry filled silver cake, two of my pound cake recipes (dried cranberry or lemon), Dundee or butter pecan cakes.

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Lemon Bar Recipe Selection

Make a deliciously flavored moist lemon bar recipe, lemony cheesecake bars, ones with a coconut filling or a cake mix recipe.

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Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes

Learn to make the best Italian Christmas cookie recipes like Venetian, anise, chocolate macaroons, Christmas cannoli, Bocconotti and others.

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My Christmas Candy Ideas; a Candy Land

A Candy Land; One of My Christmas Candy Ideas

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Best Italian Cookie Recipes

Learn to make some of the best Italian cookie recipes like spumoni bars, bow knot cookies, ricotta cheese cookies and more.

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Date Cake Recipe

Make a great date cake recipe with cranberries and soaked with an orange sauce or a yeast cake with date nut filling.

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Holiday Cake Recipe Selection

Make a good holiday cake recipe like orange pound cake, coconut bundt cake, mincemeat cake recipe or coffee cake.

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Black Cake Recipe

The black cake recipe is a dark fruit cake filled with all kinds of fruits; also know by wine cake or Jamaican rum cake.

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Florida Recipes for Orange Pie with Video

Try some of my Florida recipes made with locally grown oranges like southern pecan, apple pie and wonderful dessert pie called Florida sunshine.

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Country Ham Recipe Selection

Learn how to cook a country ham recipe. This type of ham is very salty and must be cooked correctly; serve glazed or with red eye gravy.

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