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How to Make Easter Recipes

Learn how to make Easter recipes like an oatmeal raisin bread, lemon scones and a luscious brownie dessert recipe.

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Traditional Easter recipes

Traditional Easter recipes start with coloring eggs then making recipes like apple cake or pies; last comes planning recipes for Easter breakfast.

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Easter egg Dye, Boiling and Coloring Eggs

Learn how to boil eggs to color with Easter egg dye; also recipes which to use cooked Easter eggs like Kentucky Derby and Oeufs Soubise.

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Easter Candy Recipes Selection

Learn how to make an Easter candy recipes like Irish potato candy, chocolate Easter eggs and Coconut Easter eggs.

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How to Make Marshmallow?

Learn how to make marshmallow and turn it into delicious Easter chicks or bunnies, include it in peanut butter eggs or other candies.

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Easter Cake Recipes

Select one of my Easter cake recipes and decorate for the holiday; recipes like a German fruit cake, fig cake, Gingerbread and Black Forest.

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What is the Resurrection? Video and Recipes for Celebration

Learn what is the resurrection and use my video to make a pretty cross cake from a 12 X 16 inch cake pan; recipes included.

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Easter Bunny Cake and Instructional Video

This is the way I make an Easter Bunny Cake with 2 regular round cake pans; I have included the recipe and my instructional video.

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Bunny Cake with Instructional Video

In an instructional video, I show you how to make a simple and cute bunny cake by baking it in a loaf pan with recipes included.

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Easter Cupcakes with Instructional Video

With instructional video I show making Easter cupcakes; several recipes are included for spice, orange, chocolate or cheesecake cupcakes and frostings.

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