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The Cooking Blogs is my journal about cooking.---lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I find on my travels

---gives you new ideas about parties, holidays, gifts,

Meals for a Crowd

Learn how to plan and make meals for a crowd with recipes for Mexican casserole and hamburger casserole

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Cooking for a Crowd Recipes

Try some of these large quantity cooking for a crowd recipes like great cheeseburgers, sloppy Joes, fish chowder and barbeque beef sandwiches.

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Tips for Party Planning

Tips for party planning like how much per serving for guests, how to have a party with new ideas such as setting up a taco bar and how to include the children.

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My Macadamia Nut Recipes for Cookies

My favorite macadamia nut recipes are for cookies like coconut bars, orange macadamia nut cookies, white chocolate chip and double chocolate chip.

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How to make Mincemeat and use for Cookies

Learn how to make mincemeat with and without meat; also make delicious cookie recipes like filled icebox, bar cookies and drop cookies.

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Good Cookie Recipes

Learn to make some good cookie recipes like Hungarian, pepper nut cookies, applesauce and coconut meringue.

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Christmas Cookie Recipes

Learn to make decorated cut out Christmas cookie recipes; with colored frosting they can be made presentable for any special occasion.

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Raisin Cookie Recipe Selection

Bake my favorite raisin cookie recipe with caramel frosting or a recipe for soft raisin cookies, oatmeal crusted bars or applesauce bars.

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No Bake Cookie Recipe Selection

Make an easy no Bake Cookie Recipe like smores, chocolate rum balls, chocolate oatmeal cookies or date balls recipe.

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Lemon Bar Recipe Selection

Make a deliciously flavored moist lemon bar recipe, lemony cheesecake bars, ones with a coconut filling or a cake mix recipe.

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