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Easter Cookies Recipes

Try some of my Easter cookies recipes; make ahead butter cookies are convenient for busy schedules, lemon cookie recipe, Bakers brownies and recipes from Greece and Russia.

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Easter Cakes Recipes

Easter cakes recipes are colorful and uniquely decorated; caramel cake with caramel frosting, marzipan covered cake, pecan cake and a confetti cake.

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Mexican Chicken Casserole Recipe

Learn to make delicious Mexican chicken casserole recipes like burrito, taco, chiles rellenos and chicken corn recipes.

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Easter Cupcakes recipe

Make Easter Cupcakes recipe in all sizes and shapes from these recipes; creamy lemon, surprise cupcakes, peanut butter, sundae cupcakes and ice cream cone cakes.

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Great Appetizer Recipes

Learn what is the difference between appetizer recipes, hors d oeuvres and canapés; included are great party recipes.

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Easy Pasta Recipes

Learn to make cheap and easy pasta recipes to stretch the budget; recipes for fettuccine Alfredo, Baked macaroni and many more.

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Fun Easter Recipes

Add some fun Easter recipes to your holiday; make Easter chicks with hard cooked eggs or fun bread shapes like Easter bunny bread and rolls.

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What is Quinoa?

Learn what is quinoa, the health benefits and how to cook with it; recipes included for a baked casserole and black bean dish with quinoa.

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Easter Treat Recipe; Cake, Candy or Pretzel

Make a delicious Easter treat recipe like soft pretzels, fruit and nut eggs, chicken nests, whacky cake egg covered with poured fondant or orange muffins.

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Orange Muffin Recipe Selection

Make some delicious orange muffin recipes made from marmalade, juice, grated rind or extract; with or without glaze.

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