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The Cooking Blogs is my journal about cooking.---lets you know when any new web pages appear on painless cooking, new recipes, or new ingredients that I find on my travels

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Tomato Salsa Recipes

Choose one of these tomato salsa recipes for Mexican salsa, salsa supreme, cheese dip, and salsa verde or a Cuban salsa recipe.

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Country Fried Chicken Recipe with Biscuits and Gravy

Try a country fried chicken recipe and learn how to make chicken gravy with Mom’s cream gravy recipe to serve with delicious buttermilk biscuits.

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What is Kamut?

Learn what is Kamut and how to cook with it to make a delicious pancake mix recipe and a healthy baby cereal recipe.

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What is Kasha?

Learn about what is kasha and how to make recipes using it like the varnishkas (or bowtie pasta recipes), traditional food of Western Europe.

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What is sorghum?

Learn about what is sorghum and how to make some healthy recipes from the flour like sorghum pancakes or use sorghum molasses.

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What is Psyllium?

What is psyllium? This member of the plantain family has many health benefits for IBS, cholesterol and others but also has side effects.

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What is popcorn? With Video

Learn more about what is popcorn and how to cook it to make great recipes such as popcorn balls and caramel marshmallow popcorn balls.

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What is Millet?

Learn about what is millet and about cooking with the flour to make millet recipes for such things as healthy muffins.

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What is Cracked Wheat?

Learn what is cracked wheat and how to use it for high fiber foods like heart healthy recipes such as cereal and pilaf.

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What is bulgur?

Learn what is bulgur and how to cook it; great for vegetarian diets or for Lebanese diets like in a bulgur wheat pilaf.

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