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Welcome to Painless Cooking and the start of learning how to cook everything. Don’t you just love good food? I do; I always have. As a child, I would ask Mom to make me some cookies or candy. After cooking for so many years and for so many children she was tired of cooking and baking. Mom’s answer was simple, “If you want it you will have to learn to make it yourself.”

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Mom got out a teacup from the cabinet, a tablespoon and teaspoon from the silverware drawer. These were my measuring devices; the teacup was about one cup and the silverware spoons were the same as measuring spoons. My cooking education began this day.

Best Dessert Recipes

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I quickly mastered my cookie recipes. They were good enough to feed my fourth grade classmates on a regular basis. I wanted to learn how to cook everything; next were fudge and cake recipes. I loved my German chocolate cake! This cake won me an award from Dayton Power and Light Company in Ohio when I was in my early twenties. The prize was my first electric cooking pot. I was truly hooked on learning how to cook everything!

how to make cheesecakes

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How to Cook Everything

I was soon learning to cook everything; entrees, vegetable casseroles, making great salads and luscious desserts. I would master each recipe making changes to fit my taste buds. One day when I thought I was so “special” because I could cook, it dawned on me I was not special; every person in my large family was a great cook.

My Culinary Influences

We all learned how to cook everything (and perfect it) from our German heritage. Sister Gloria added all the recipes and tidbits about cooking which she learned from her Hungarian in-laws. My military brothers brought back the food cuisines from other countries where they spent time; a few Spanish speaking countries, Italy, Germany, France and Asian countries. My sisters and I picked up all kinds of recipes from every person we came in contact with. We became a “melting pot” of food cuisines.

My family’s heritage was German farmers. All my family were and many still are big gardeners growing all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Everything possible was canned to last through the year. This canned food along with the meat we raised tasted very good in the cold Ohio winters. Of course, it helped that everyone knew how to make great recipes with these products.

Why You Need to Learn to Cook

Today, more than ever, there are many reasons to learn to cook everything. Convenience: like me, I wanted cookies so I learned to quickly mix them. Expense; if I could wait to go to the grocery, I did not have the money. Have you seen the prices today? It is so much cheaper to cook than to purchase prepared foods; especially if you have a family.

Satisfaction; I get so much pleasure in producing a good recipe. Health; home cooking is so much better for you. Prepared foods have more sugar, salt and chemicals in them; this is especially important for your family.

Learning everything at once can at times be overwhelming; that is why I am here.

Do you get frustrated when you “google” a recipe only to find no recipe?

Or you might get a complicated recipe with all kinds of ingredients you do not have? Or you get recipes which turn out bad products? This is because these people have never made these recipes. Sometimes you may have a question about the recipe. Quite often these people giving these recipes out do not even cook so they could not possibly answer your question.

I am here to help you learn starting with all the basics. Although I did not make up all these recipes, they are good ones which I have made for my family. (They would tell you that they rarely ate anything twice). I have also tried to add some history of the foods or stories; many personal stories. Interwoven through the text are good tips which I have discovered or have been taught over the years. Last, I want you to email me if you have a problem and we will try to solve it together. As your friend, I will walk you through the process.

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