Learn the Basics of Cooking with a Free Online Cooking Video Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook?

Not really sure how to start?

Maybe you wanted to cook more than just being able to boil water!

This course is absolutely for you because I know anyone who invests a little time in this course’s step by step approach can accomplish cooking!

You receive these videos consecutively by email no download required!

When you complete these 15 videos you will know:

  • The different types of boiling
  • The difference between folding and stirring and why it is important
  • The different ways of cutting and when to use each technique
  • How to scald milk
  • The difference between Pan Fry, Deep Fry and Searing
  • What the terms baste and bard means and when you use the different techniques

And Much Much More!

Why I can teach you? I started cooking at the age of 8 and now that I am well into my senior years I have had many years of experiences.

  • I am a certified chef by the French chef Paul Bocuse
  • I have worked at various country clubs and Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Have been a restaurant owner and caterer
  • A homemaker and mother of 4 grown children
  • Have been a canner and gardener

After you finish with the video course you will continue to receive my newsletter. The newsletter will build on the knowledge you have learned.

  • Continue to learn more terms and techniques
  • Learn about the different kitchen utensils and when to use them
  • I share my best recipes that I have used for years
  • Critical tips for saving money on groceries
  • Discover how to use seasoning to make your food taste great!

All this and Much More!

What's Cooking

  1. How to Make Corn Muffins

    Jun 12, 17 03:00 PM

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  2. How to Make Basic Muffin Recipe

    Jun 12, 17 02:57 PM

    Choose your favorite basic muffin recipe and make variations like blueberry, bacon, cheese, cranberry, nut, various fruits and upside down muffins.

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  3. How to Make Banana Muffin Recipe

    Jun 12, 17 02:55 PM

    Learn how to ripen bananas and freeze them to make a banana muffin recipe with peanut butter, oatmeal or jam filled.

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  4. How to Make Bran Muffins

    Jun 12, 17 02:50 PM

    Learn how to make bran muffins like a crowd size Raisin Bran Cereal recipe, applesauce raisin or a fresh apple recipe.

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  5. How to Make Pumpkin Muffin Recipes

    Jun 12, 17 02:47 PM

    Make delicious moist pumpkin muffin recipes or zucchini recipe; use canned, cook your own or grate fresh pumpkin for recipes.

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